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This is the Cafe Chihuahua about us page. Use this page to help navigate to more specific areas of interest lie who we are, what we represent, and other information you might find useful regarding our restaurant.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Have a question or comment you would like to share with us? Get in contact with us now phone, email, social media, or drop us a message and we will reach out to you. We love hearing from our Chihuahua’s family!


Cafe Chihuahua’s Careers

Interested in working for Cafe Chihuahua? We’re always looking to hire exceptional team members. Check out our job postings on our careers page and apply today!

Cafe Chihuahua’s History

Cafe Chihuahua’s History

Interested in the history behind Cafe Chihuahua and how it came to be? Learn about how our founder Manuel Medina and his current son and present owner George Medina grew a bakery in Chihuahua, Mexico into the restaurant we all recognize as Cafe Chihuahua today.

Social Media Feeds

Cafe Chihuahua’s Social Media Feeds

Want to see new updates to Cafe Chihuahua? Check out our social media news feeds for important and interesting news regarding the restaurant. Like and follow our pages for a better way to stay in touch with Cafe Chihuahua.

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